Multiple Intelligences

The Chandler School in Greenville, SC has developed a unique Multiple Intelligences program.  Utilizing Dr. Howard Gardner’s framework for Multiple Intelligences, students learn that they have many gifts and talents beyond the scope of reading, writing, and math.  Insights into each student’s uniqueness build confidence and open avenues of growth for school and for life.


4 Responses to Multiple Intelligences

  1. Ashley says:

    I truly love the principle behind Multiple Intelligences, that we are all magnificent in many ways; That we should look beyond simply categorizing students by their IQ scores. The Multiple Intelligences research has shown that IQ is not fixed. What a gift to start with young children and to develop within them the understanding that they are unique, that they offer so many different gifts, that they can advocate for themselves. I have personally witnessed the transformative power of an MI program with students. If only every school would offer this program!!!

  2. Dolly says:

    The concept of multiple intelligences being a part of the every day culture of a school is profound, yet simple. Students who are immersed in knowing their unique strengths gain self esteem, self awareness and tools for increased academic success. If teachers are made aware of the various “intelligences,” they can point these out to their students as they arise in classes. A student who doodles may be visual/spatial “smart.” He/she may see in pictures. This is good to know when it comes to teaching this child, and when this child needs to study. There are gifts that come with each intelligence. Learning becomes more accessible and more engaging when schools utilize the multiple intelligences. This workshop was fascinating and informative, as always.

  3. Evin says:

    It is great seeing students at The Chandler School learn about the Multiple Intelligences! The older students enjoy teaching younger ones about their individual learning styles. They learn to take accountability in how they can help themselves learn in their own ways. Gloria Marcus does a fantastic job with helping the students focus on their individual strengths.

  4. Gail James says:

    It’s great to be part of a school where all students are learning about Multiple Intelligences. The younger a student is when he explores and recognizes his strengths (intelligences), the better it is for him and his success in school. When teachers are consistently referring to the Multiple Intelligences in class and there is discussion concerning each person’s gifts and special abilities, students should make great gains in their self-esteem, respect for classmates, and learning the best approach as they study. The workshop was interesting, informative and a great reminder for me to implement Multiple Intelligences principles/information daily.

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