Uncommon Learners

At a recent workshop at The Chandler School I reviewed the issues that are prevalent with “uncommon learners.”  These constructs include learning disabilities and symptoms of ADHD.  Anxiety, depression, and stress may also negatively impact a student’s ability to learn in school.  An unexplained inability to learn needs further investigation for students to succeed and reach their potential.


6 Responses to Uncommon Learners

  1. ashley says:

    Getting a full learning profile for each of my children was one of the best educational decisions I ever made for them. Knowing exactly where and how to help them has been invaluable. As their learning needs were appropriately met, they felt less anxious and stressed. It was then that their learning truly took off!! Never underestimate the power of stress to negatively impact a child’s learning! Thank you for the great workshop!!

  2. Dolly says:

    I attended this workshop and enjoyed it thoroughly, both as a parent and as a teacher of bright dyslexic learners. There are many red flags that children and/or their teachers raise to signal a difficulty in learning. Unless these flags are acknowledged and dealt with through knowledgable diagnosis and trained intervention, these children suffer unduly. Emotional problems ensue as self-esteem plummets. This is all so unnecessary. Dyslexia has as many, (or more,) gifts as it has challenges. Knowing and owning the learning issue is empowering for both parent and child.
    Ms. Marcus presented this information, and more, in a concise, caring, intelligent way. I left feeling like I understood so much more about learning differences and the many facets of life that are affected.
    I look forward to the next lecture in her series.

  3. Gail James says:

    I attended this workshop at The Chandler School and through Ms. Marcus’ presentation gained much insight into the many factors that can affect those students with learning differences. As was discussed, stress and anxiety can play a significant role as students cope with learning difficulties. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and look forward to more lectures/workshops with Ms. Marcus.

  4. Dana says:

    Ms Marcus’s evening was very concise and informative. I greatly appreciated her sharing her knowledge. For parents and educators who are not versed in dyslexia and ADHD I think it would be very good to attend a workshop with Gloria Marcus.

  5. Hunter says:

    Ms. Marcus’s talk was both informative and enlightening. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation at The Chandler School and look forward to future workshops.

  6. Dana says:

    Ms Marcus’s presentation was very informative and insightful. I think her workshops are helpful for parents and educational professionals who are not well versed in dyslexia and ADHD. I highly recommend Ms Marcus’s workshops.

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